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37m Ghost II

37m Gulfcraft - Ghost II Superstructure Wrap




21 Days




Inside the Gulfcraft factory, with access via scaffolding where required.

GHOST II is a custom-built 37 metre Majesty superyacht designed by award winning Dubai boatbuilders, Gulf Craft. Ghost II was designed for the Australian charter market and is based in Sydney.

Wild Group wrapped the superstructure in an aluminium metallic film in the Gulfcraft factory, just before the yacht was handed over to the client

The wrap process took three weeks to complete, keying in with other finishing trades to meet handover time lines.

Metallic wraps don't last as long as flat colours (same as paint), sun being the main challenge - this means that areas facing the sun will need replacing every 2 or 3 years. An advantage of wrapping is that outer sun facing surfaces are straightforward to replace with no 'halo' effects that paint has on repairs.

Greg Hoar, the Founder of Wild Group, comments

‘Wrapping as a finish for metallic silver carries the benefit that future repairs are straightforward and will not have the ‘halo’s’ that metallic paint repairs suffer from. Trying to achieve this finish in spray is very difficult and time consuming. There is also a major benefit with a film finish to the shipyard, in that they can continue with clean works while we are wrapping. In the case of M/Y Ghost there were even changes to the superstructure after we had wrapped them – these changes were very easily accommodated by our team.

The project on M/Y Ghost II was well thought through; we considered, planned, and undertook a refresh program on all the sun facing surfaces. The project was completed in a very fast and efficient time, with a flawless, consistent metallic silver finish, achieving an excellent end result. We have a very happy yard and owner.’

Gulfcraft product video

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Aluminium metallic film

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