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Exterior Finishing &

Hull Colour Change

Vinyl films are increasingly becoming an accepted alternative finish, coating the entire hull of the yacht, providing surface protection, thereby preserving the gel coat and retaining resale value and also offering the opportunity to add unusual colours and textures not available in paint.


The cost of vinyl finishing, otherwise known as ‘wrapping’, is also extremely economical with a saving of typically two thirds of the cost of traditional finishes due to the considerable reduction of labour time.

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Interior Finishing & Transformations

With the use of special effect and textured films such as marble, embossed-wood grain, leather, sequin, silk, chrome, carbon, satin, pearlescent and snakeskin, these can be applied as architectural finishes to a range of surfaces from furniture/ tables, fixtures, wall panels, doors, staircases, overhead panels, showers, flat surfaces to impossibly compound surfaces. Something that paint can’t do!

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Pools & Jacuzzi's

Paint is designed to be dry and in wet conditions such as swimming pools and Jacuzzis, often there are problems such as staining, bleaching and general break down of the paint. In comparison there are specialist vinyl films that are very stable and when applied correctly these are a far better option.

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Deck Heads

Most deck heads are sprayed satin white, and this has drawbacks in that they gloss up when rubbed, they show oily hand prints, which can't be buffed out and if a panel is damaged it is very difficult to spray one panel to match the others onboard. Wrapping in satin white film gets around all these problems and wrapped deck heads are significantly easier to keep clean than matte painted ones.
Wrapping of deck heads is a quick and clean process.

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Paint Protection

Optically Clear Polyurethane films are used with great success around exhausts and along water lines to protect the paint from very erosive exhaust soot. 

In this harsh environment the films need to be considered as a sacrificial layer and replaced every couple of years.

These PPF films are also very useful around areas where tenders come alongside. These films are very easy to clean.

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Marble and Wood Protection

Optically Clear Polyurethane films are proving to be very useful inside yachts, particularly on marble and highly varnished surfaces.

The Film will protect the marble/varnish from scratches and dents, and is significantly easier to keep clean.

We have also been fitting this film to stainless furniture, matt or gloss as it does not show hand prints.

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