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52m Seahorse

Surface Protection on Black House Siddes


La Ciotat


8 Days




Non Required

SEAHORSE is a 52m Motor Yacht, built in Netherlands by Amels and delivered in 1999.

She now has painted high gloss, black, house sides which show scratches very easily.

Typically black paint shows scratches as the scratch shows as white.

Scratches are hard to avoid in these areas of a yacht, and can be caused by crew radios, buckles through to pulling hoses past them.

After a fantastic respray, Seahorse chose to have it wrapped in Hexis BodyFence to protect the finish.

The optically clear film is very resistant to scratches, and is self healing is scratched (by heating gently with a hair dryer). The film is very high gloss with a 95GU t an angle of 60° - painters will tell you this is very high!

We would expect this film to look great for approx 7 years.

note: Optically clear films are difficult to photograph!


Optically Clear Surface Protection Film

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