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56m Galaxy

Cosmic Interior Transformation


Monaco Marine, La Ciotat


1 Month




Non Required

GALAXY completed a five-month refit in February 2022 with the award winning Njord by Bergman Design House. The impressive overhaul was achieved in record time of 6 months with a project of this size usually taking around 18 months.

The refit saw her designed with cosmic inspiration to fit the client’s desire to create a ‘spaceship’ to entertain yet also call home.

Bergman called Wild Wraps with this very exciting interior project, which involved Avatar style digital printed walls in the main saloon, smokey chrome celings and galaxy prints.

Digital Prints: on vinyl are a great option as they can be laminated in Gloss/Satin/Matte or even aligator skin effect, the vinyl prints also have the benefit of being conformable which means they can take the complex shapes of a yachts interior.

Chrome ceiling panels are a fantastic idea as they make the saloon seem much higher than it really is, giving the interior of the yacht more 'height' and space.

Brushed aluminium and leather effect films were also used around stairwells.

A major advantage of using interior architectural films on this project is speed, clean working and the huge range of effects that the films offer.

'It was a fast paced, exciting project - superbly managed by the Albin, Sarah and the rest of the team at Njord by Bergman Design House.. for me an honour to work with such an imaginative team' - Greg


Digital Print & Mirror Ceiling

Project Gallery

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