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74m Global

High Gloss Black House Sides


Abu Dhabi


7 days




non required

74m GLOBAL was built by Lurssen from Germany and delivered in 2007.

Originally she had white house sides, however, the owners wanted to update the look and feel of her - and one of the simplest things to do is make the house sides black. This makes the yacht look sleeker and emphasises the deck levels.

The usual option is to spray, which would involve tenting and sanding prep works.

Wrapping took 7 days, in the water just before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix,

Wrapping is also a great way to test if you like the new look, as it is removable is you decide to go back to the original colour scheme.

Since wrapping the house sides of Global, there are now Ultra High Gloss Films available almost indistinguishable from high gloss paint.


In Water, no tenting.

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