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86M Sunrays

Full Hull Wrap using film colour matched to existing paint.


Zea Marina - Greece


1 Month




In the Water, with floating platforms and cherry pickers

86m 'Sunrays' is an award winning motor yacht built by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco and delivered in 2010.

Interior Design is by the legendary Terence Tisdale.

The hull is painted in a very distinctive Teal colour, but after 12 years it was looking very patchy and tired.

Sunrays has a very active owner, and the yacht is heavily used.. and time is important. Shutting the yacht down for 6 months to have the hull painted was not an option.

Wrapping was put on the table, and explored by management and captains.

The film was colour matched to the existing paint, mainly because of timescale as it gave the option of splitting the wrap in half if weather was poor.

The wrap went ahead in the water, in Zea Marina during September 2022, using floating platforms to wrap along the waterline and cherry pickers from the dock side. The yacht was spun half way through.

In this instance the weather played ball and the wrap was completed in 35 days.

At the moment, this is the largest Superyacht to have a full hull wrap.


Worlds Largest Wrapped Superyacht

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