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Wrap as a finish, exterior.

When it comes to the final finish on a yacht, everyone thinks of paint, for sure paint is a great way to finish but its not the only way - lets look at wrapping as a finish.

'Think of it as paint on a roll'

Wrap is usually a PVC film that comes on rolls 1.5m wide x 50m long. The film is a constant colour and gloss (or satin /matte) and can be applied over GRP, Painted and primer.

Surfaces that are to be wrapped need to be filled and faired before hand as wrapping has not filling element to it.

Why would you wrap?

Cometic: GRP yachts don't require painting so the only reason for painting is cosmetic, and with wrapping you have a huge selection of films available from gloss to matte to wood effect to chrome and alligator skin.

Time: Yachts with a busy annual schedule, or two season schedule don't want to take up to a year out to repaint, wrapping a 80m hull can be done in 30 days.

Cost: Wrapping is significantly more cost efficient than painting.

Refresh rather than refit: A change of look and feel can easily and quickly be achieved by wrapping. In some cases we digitally print images onto the film to really personalise the wrap.

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