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Windows - Delamination

A Common Nightmare on a lot of Yachts... the whole yacht looks hotel ready but the black edging around windows delaminates leaving silvering looking shabby

Silvering around windows on the black edging.

In reality your windows will need changing at some point but it's a big messy job, which is time consuming and expensive.

Often the integrity of the windows with silvering is fine for years and it's just the cosmetic appearance that need attention.

Edging using an Ultra High Gloss Film will make the windows look good as new and give you years before you need to change them.

Video of windows with Ultra High Gloss film Edging

Lady Moura, the iconic 105m, had delamination of whole windows..

The seals were broken and air ingress was causing discoloration and delamination at the edge of the glass. There was also oxidisation on some of the windows making them appear red. Something had to be done.

So after consultation between the Captain and the Directors of Wild Group International it was agreed that a marine grade blue tint vinyl film was the best solution, offering the perfect colour tint match. The Wild Group sourced a specific bespoke blue tint and answered all the captains’ questions about the material.

New foil was applied to twenty four of the blind windows including some of the larger complex shaped windows. The silicone seal at the window edges was removed prior to applying the new foil and then re-applied afterwards, so as to ensure longevity and a great standard of finish.

(The window Mullions were also in desperate need of replacement. These were originally black anodized aluminium but had been bleached in the sun delivering uneven tones of grey/ black throughout. 188 Mullions were lined in a black matt vinyl offering a UV protective coat that would outperform paint and prevent the timely task of having them removed and replaced while the boat is put into a dusty work shed.)

Before you jump to 'just living with delaminated windows' or 'replacing'..

Consider exploring wrapping black edging, or covering whole windows.. it's a quick clean no mess option that lasts.



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