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Swimming Pools

Pools on yachts can be a real challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a sparkling finish.

To be honest, there isn't a perfect finish for pools, its better to look at the finish that gives the fewest problems and one that is easy to replace in the future.

A lot of yachts use paint to give the final finish to the sides of the pool, and this is not the best use for paint - the surface of the paint breaks down with the chemicals and cleaning and very quickly stains and becomes very difficult to keep clean.

Some pools even have hydrolics in them for lifting floors, the oil in the pistons will get into the pool over time, and stain the pool.

Wrapping as a finish, will give you a constant colour and gloss, first time.

Wrapping as a finish, will be quick and straight forward to change in the future.

Wrapping as a finish, will be very easy to keep clean.

Wrapped pools, usually last 3 seasons before needing to be re wrapped.

Alfa Nero Wrapped in light blue - lasted 3 years, while the paint lasted 1 year.

Motor Yacht ACE with wrapped pool, including pattern around waterline and non slip on the floor for when storing the tender on long passages.

MY Lemon Tree with both pools wrapped in snow white film.

Whist wrapping is not a silver bullet, it does have great benefits of being:

  1. easy to clean

  2. Quick and clean to install

  3. Very Cost effective.

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