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Exterior Surface Protection Film

All diesel engines produce soot as a product of combustion. A 99kW generator installed on a yacht before 2012 is allowed to produce over 700 grams (more than 1.5 pounds) of particulate matter (primarily soot) per day.

Many of those nanoparticles of soot will imbed themselves in microscopic pores that are present in even the highest quality hull finish. The results are staining and further paint/wrap damage from attempts to clean the staining.

Example of small patch of SPF Film behind exhaust.

Optically clear 'SPF' (Surface Protection Film) is a 150 micron Polyurethane film to protect the surface underneath. The film is very easy to clean, and stays clean longer than a painted or wrapped finish.

These new generation films are very stable and you should expect a seven year life out of them.

Areas to protect:

Exhausts - waterlines and especially behind exhausts.

House Sides - painted house sides, especially black show scratches easily, SPF films have excellent scratch resistance, and are even self healing with heat from a hair dryer. case study on Seahorse - click here

High Wear Areas - steps and staircases where shoes kick the upright surface of the stairs. Corners where hoses get pulled around and scuff the paint.

Beach Clubs - where tenders and toys bash against the yacht hull.

Seahorse House Sides wrapped in high gloss SPF Film

How Glossy is SPF Film?

Well, pretty glossy.. glossy enough not to be visible.. so for you gloss geeks out there:

95GU at an angle of 60°

This is glossier than most new paint jobs.

(There is also a satin SPF film available for yachts wrapped in satin film.)


Preparation - the surface underneath needs to be clean, and oil free. As with nearly all adhesive films stick best to a smooth surface.. so in most cases there is just cleaning and then fitting.

SPF is a tricky film to fit as it is clear and shows every imperfection underneath, but a good team will fit and the film is virtually invisible.. except if the area covered is not big enough then the film will look clean and other areas dirty over time.

Madam Gu - film fitting in progress


- Easy to clean.

- Stays cleaner longer.

- Protects the paint/wrap underneath.

- Protects against UV, especially on cap rails.

- Removable.

- Long lasting, expect 7 year life.

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