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Matte (or satin)

People love matte - it reflects nothing and looks cool.

BUT, Matte Paint is a real pain to maintain:

Glossing up - it glosses up around fenders and areas where ropes rub across the paint.

- not a problem with films.

Hand Prints - show up in matte paint, and they can't be buffed out as this would cause the paint to gloss up. Oily hands or suncream is a real challenge in matte paint.

- not a problem with films

Repairs: if you need to respray a small area of your hull for any reason, spraying matte onto matte is very difficult as the join line will stand out. This is because the paint can't be buffed as it will gloss up.

- not a problem with film.

Silver Bullet?

Wrapping in matte or satin is not a silver bullet, all finishes have challenges, but if you are considering a satin or matte finish - consider films.

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