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Deck Heads.

Traditionally deck heads are sprayed, usually matte white. Matte white is a good colour choice for ceiling panels as it doesn't show reflections and so makes the ceiling look more even.

Spraying the panels in new build is fine, however, it leads to problems during the normal use of the yacht. The panels will need to be removed from time to time to expose piping and electrical working behind them. Taking the panels down often results in panels being damaged by 'sucker rings' or scratches.... panels can also inadvertently be glossed up by cleaning.

Spraying a single panel is a real challenge as it will stand out against the existing panels onboard.

In 2018 Madam had one deck wrapped in a satin white film, and a year later the rest of the yacht was wrapped.

Wrapped panels are a consistent colour and very easy to keep clean.

Greg Hoar, founder of Wild Group, explains why a vinyl finish is a great option for deckheads:

‘‘The problem with spraying is that if you damage a deckhead and respray it will look different due to direction of spray, a different batch of paint, a different hand on the trigger, a different sprayer, and so on. Wrapping deckheads doesn’t have these problems, that is, if all the deckheads are wrapped and one of them needs a rewrap, then it will look exactly the same as the others. Fitting vinyl film to your deckheads means you will always have a consistent one layer product.’’


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