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Interior Surface Protection Film for Varnished, Marble and Stainless Steel Surfaces.

Chief Stews and Captains - this post is for you!

Optically clear Surface Protection Films are being used with great effect inside yachts tackling challenges of – fingerprints, scratches and staining.

Every yacht has the same challenges inside, clients expect the yacht to be hotel ready at all times and spotless during use. Surfaces like Marble can scratch, dull or stain, ed Wood can scratch and show hand prints very easily... while Stainless Surfaces are a nightmare in showing finger prints.

We have been using optically clear high gloss (94GU at an angle of 60°) and satin surface protection films inside yachts for 10 years now and it is one area where we literally get no negative feedback.

Using clear films inside yachts was not on our radar, until we were asked to protect marble years ago - and now it has become a major part of our interior wrapping work.


Protected from scratches and very easy to keep clean


Not a finger print in sight, protected from scratches and super easy to keep clean.


Showers, Heads, and marble surfaces throughout.

Why Is This Topic So Important?


Cleaning - it makes the lives of interior crew significantly easier and less stressful as surfaces are easier to keep clean and Stay Clean.

Protection - these films are used to protect high end car spray jobs from stone chips... the wear and tear in a yacht is a walk in the park compared to the cars.

UV - Surfaces that are covered in Surface Protection Film are also protected from UV.

Optically Clear Surface Protection Film

It is a self healing (scratches can be removed with a bit of heat from warm water) 150 micron polyurethane film.

The film has a little 'give' which helps protect surface underneath.

Hexis BodyFence has a 7 year life against yellowing.

Lastly - Fitting

It's a difficult film to fit because you can see every imperfection through it. The film is applied 'wet' and takes about 24 hours to dry off - so we usually allow an extra day to come back and check all corners and joins to make sure they are properly stuck down.

'You will find this film very easy to clean, and stays clean too' - Greg


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