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Wood you believe it?

We all love wood, but occasionally you may be looking at something else,

Is that mast really wood?.... er, well no, it isn't.

In 2019 Pendennis Shipyard refitted the beautiful classic yacht Haida.

She needed to look authentic while being practical in the future. All three masts are made from fibreglass which was then wrapped in 3M Dinoc film.

To finish the effect the wrap was then given a couple of clear coats to gloss it up, and to touch you would be challenged to know if it was wood or wrap.


- looks just like real wood.

- light

- hollow for cabling

- very low maintenance.

Pictures showing the wrap in progress - on the right pre wrap, on the left with a few coats of clear coat to gloss the wrap up. (most wood effect films are satin)

article by Boat International

On another LEVEL

23m Level 8 built in 2007 has what looks like wood detailing around the windows. Again this is clever use of wrap with clear coat over the top. The clear coat is really what makes the difference as it feels and looks just like clear coated wood.

Notice the detailing in the change in wood direction, and the black lines imitating caulking to finish the effect off.

There is no reason why a whole yacht is wrapped to look wooden, or the inside of a pool - on a yacht it makes a lot of sense, especially on the maintenance front.


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